>R-U-Dead-Yet: A HTTP POST Denial of Service Tool

>R-U-Dead-Yet, or R.U.D.Y for short, implements the generic HTTP DoS attack via long form field submissions. The attack’s theory is described in the following paper:This tool runs with an interactive console menu, automatically detecting forms within given URL, and allowing the user to choose which forms and form fields are desirable to use for the POST attack. In addition, the tool offers unattended execution by providing the necessary parameters within a configuration file. Since the version 2, R.U.D.Y supports SOCKS proxies and session persistence using cookies when available. It is a simple Python script. The author claims that this attack will work on any web server, any operating system! It also will evade web application firewall detections, making it very difficult to mitigate!

Features of R-U-Dead-Yet:

  • Support for cookies to maintain session persistence
  • Support for SOCKS proxies to mask the original attack IP.

You may also use Tor networks to hop from one IP address to the next while continuing the DoS attacks!

R-U-Dead-Yet works in one of two modes:

  1. Interactive menu mode
  2. Unattended configuration-based execution

It also supports the usage of SOCKS proxies to mask the attacker, and keeps session persistence using cookies! A small file – rudeadyet.conf controls some of its working.

R.U.D.Y requires the following includes to be present under the same directory:

  1. http://www.crummy.com/software/BeautifulSoup
  2. http://socksipy.sourceforge.net

Example usage:

r-u-dead-yet.py URLDownload R-U-Dead-Yet v2.0 (R-U-Dead-Yet-v2.0.tar.gz) here


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