>Tuluka is a new powerful AntiRootkit

>Web Resources – Tuluka kernel inspector

Tuluka is very effective tool for professionals who need to find malicious programs in system.

Tuluka is a new powerful AntiRootkit, which has the following features:
# – Detects hidden processes, drivers and devices
# – Detects IRP hooks
# – Identifies the substitution of certain fields in DRIVER_OBJECT structure
# – Checks driver signatures
# – Detects and restores SSDT hooks
# – Detects suspicious descriptors in GDT
# – IDT hook detection
# – SYSENTER hook detection
# – Displays list of system threads and allows you to suspend them
# – IAT and Inline hook detection
# – Shows the actual values of the debug registers, even if reading these registers is controlled by someone
# – Allows you to find the system module by the address within this module
# – Allows you to display contents of kernel memory and save it to disk
# – Allows you to dump kernel drivers and main modules of all processes
# – Allows you to terminate any process
# – Is able to dissasemble interrupt and IRP handlers, system services, start routines of system threads
# – Allows to build the stack for selected device

Download Tuluka kernel inspector v1.0.394.77


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