PRAEDA: A Automated Printer Data Harvesting Tool

Exciting times! I wish to stay awake all night long and know whats going on at ShmooCon! Unfortunately, I haven’t been there evar! Anyways, about Praeda, it helps you to leverage Multifunction Printers during penetration tests and gain access to other core network systems! It is a known fact that most printers are left unsecured in an organization with default passwords and sometimes the network interface is open to the internet! This is evident from several of our Shodan Queries and Google Dorks. Incidentally, Praeda means to plunder, spoils of war, booty taken in a war (penetration test in our case!).

By taking advantage of poor printer security and vulnerabilities during penetration testing we are able to harvest a wealth of information from MFP devices including user-names, email addresses, user address books, authentication information including SMB, Email, LDAP passwords, etc. Sometimes, they could also aid you in remote retrieval of prints, faxes, scan copies! Certain printer installations could also allow you to access the HTTP interface, and make a configuration copy! This could allow you to further see the internals! In short, PRAEDA is designed to automate some of the information gathering from network appliances through web-management interfaces such as printers and network appliances.

This open source tool is programmed in Perl and has several modules that focus on almost 28 devices in all! The module to be used is enumerated from the different models of printers using “Title page” and “Server type” responses from the printer management page.

Its required Perl modules are:



All of the results will create a folder called “project1” and save all information in that folder. Also will create a log file called data-file.log to hold information.

Link: Download Praeda Beta (praeda.tgz.gz)



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