Cool! Cool! Cool! – Hits Milestone – 1000 Software Development Projects (DoD)

Cool! Cool! Cool!

Do not wait to be able to see these source code and be able to participate if the DoD clarify 🙂 -> @firebitsbr Hits Milestone – 1000 Software Development Projects has surpassed the 1000 project mark with software development efforts on SoftwareForge (798), ProjectForge (162) and Forge SIPR (42).

Projects on SoftwareForge are visible to all users but did you know that any user can browse ProjectForge for ‘DoD public’ content made accessible within private projects? Go to to browse and download software, report bugs, contribute change requests or request your own private project space in our fee for service offering. Our ProjectForge instance hosts some great projects you probably didn’t know about like DISA’s PEO Enterprise Services Project.

The Forge SIPR site is located at To access the Forge SIPR site, users must have a valid SIPR PKI software certificate or hardware token. Information on how to obtain a SIPR PKI Cert or Token is located here – The process and POCs vary depending on your Service or Agency.

* In accordance with DoD Instruction 8520.02, “Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) and Public Key Enabling (PKE),” dated May 24, 2011, digital signatures are required on emails containing active links. Active links have been removed from this email. To access the online resources, please cut and paste the provided URLs into your browser.

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