Pentest SAP via webservices parte II

Aqui está um trecho do bate-papo que tivemos (Aditya K Sood e Eu) sobre o post que ele escreveu no site dele e eu estava para escrever (me inglês não está legal, mas tanto ele e eu entendemos…rss)

(03:46:03 PM) firebits: Good afternoon form Brasil brother!
(03:46:07 PM) firebits: How are you?
(03:46:42 PM) firebits: Can you talk fast?
(11:20:38 PM) firebits: Hello brother. How are you?
(11:25:24 PM) firebits: i see your post
(11:25:32 PM) Aditya K Sood: hey
(11:25:38 PM) Aditya K Sood: all good, how about you
(11:26:12 PM) firebits: alright
(11:26:48 PM) firebits: I saw your post
(11:27:54 PM) firebits: and oddly enough, I was doing a Pentest at and also uses Apache AXIS to be a SAP BO XI 3.1
(11:29:19 PM) firebits: Pentest was doing since 10/22/2012 and I was going to write a post about it and just days Pentest 10/29/2012
(11:29:22 PM) Aditya K Sood: yeah so you should look for that thing
(11:29:30 PM) Aditya K Sood: it is an interesting information
(11:30:32 PM) firebits: then would write something and then you wrote my friend! 🙂 I do not want to copy anything from you, you are a friend and I think it was a coincidence
(11:31:20 PM) firebits: what you wrote was 30% of what I was going to write 🙂
(11:33:20 PM) firebits: I’ll write the post, but some researchers will think I copied you, which actually was not that. I even wrote something on linkedin, really was a coincidence my brother 🙂
(11:35:54 PM) firebits: I wrote a post telling everyone here in Brazil, this coincidence and that I would speak with you, my brother, so I do not have problems in the future. Here in Brazil the researchers fight among themselves too. I find that very sad.
(11:40:30 PM) firebits: your post very good, brother!
(11:41:51 PM) Aditya K Sood: no worries man
(11:42:25 PM) Aditya K Sood: its all fine, if you refer someone’s work just give him a credit in acknowledgement section or refer his work
(11:42:27 PM) Aditya K Sood: that;s it
(11:43:17 PM) firebits: ok
(11:45:00 PM) firebits: I did not warm up the head with it, but unfortunately here in Brazil are having fights entres researchers because some copy posts of researchers from other countries, so I’m warning you not to get boring between agent brother. After all we are friends!
(11:45:17 PM) Aditya K Sood: ok
(11:46:01 PM) firebits: Sorry to be boring, brother 🙂
(11:46:15 PM) Aditya K Sood: its fine man
(11:46:21 PM) firebits: As has been his lectures lately?